Lovely Words

Chester Holiday Market


Chester just cannot give up on Sundays being ho-hum after a wonderful Farmer's Market every week, so the Chester Holiday Market was born!  Read how much Lark loves it by clicking on the picture!  

Summer Market Smash


 Lark at 4 Water Street in Chester, celebrated a birthday by hosting a Summer Market Smash, a collaborative art effort in grateful response to the Village of Chester and countless customers who have made Lark’s year so amazing. Read more about this fun day by clicking on the picture.

A dream deferred


  I was only in her store for a matter of minutes, but I knew that I had met a kindred spirit. We knew each other almost immediately. What a gift. Lark is not a typical gift store. It is a store whose spirit you can feel the minute you walk in, if you are attuned to listening to the spirit move in your life. She has beautiful pieces from around the world, She also has artisans that she has “collected” — not only because they make beautiful things, but because they have beautiful stories and amazing spirits. Read more of her affirming words by clicking on the picture.

Words from YOU are a gift to us.


 This is a charming gift shop with eclectic merchandise. The owner is happy to help you find what works for you. There are clothes, works of art, jewelry, cards, hand-made pillows, sculptures and more. The prices are reasonable. I will be heading back soon to see what else she finds from her cadre of local artists. We get so many amazing reviews from you.  Thank you!  Read more by clicking on the picture.  

Pink Flamingos are welcome here!


During the much loved Chester Sunday Market, pink flamingos converged on the lawn in front of Lark! Rumor has it that scouts were sent in on Saturday, and the rest arrived Sunday by way of a 1970 pickup truck. Read more by clicking on the picture. 

Oh my goodness . . . thank you!


 Every time you walk in, one can sense the amazing positive energy. The folks who work here love what they do. The owner, Suzy, curates the shop’s selection with an eye for the unique, the precious, and the fun.For such a quaint shop, Suzy has a delightful assortment of unique clothes, scarves, bags, hats, jewelry, as well as gifts. There is a beautiful display of stained glass for sale. Many local artists are featured along side free-trade global wares. Read more by clicking on the picture. 

Lark is paying it forward

Father Food - A yearly tradition


Father Food!  Honoring Fathers at Lark with food.  They were happy!  We offered samples of sausage home - grown and local by Maple Breeze Farms.

Lark is for the Birds


Lark is for the Birds!  A place called Hope received a check when Lark raised $$ by selling bird ornaments to help their cause.  Read more by clicking the picture.

Peace . . . always peace


Lark folded and sole 1000 paper cranes!  Proceeds of $1 each went to  Read more by clicking the picture.

Change for change


Pay It Forward Pennies.  An opportunity to give back to our community in the form of our own customers change.  Many organizations have benifitted.  

Pink is the new black


Who you callin' tacky?  With the help of 100 pink flamingos, Lark was able to raise $$ to donate to Camp hazen YMCA.  

Making a difference in someone's life


Bottles for Charity.  Another opportunity to give back.  Wasn't the display amazing?  

Lark is giving back

$1000 donated in one year


 This summer, to celebrate her company’s first anniversary, Suzie Woodward, owner of Lark at 4 Water Street in Chester, topped her $1,000 goal of giving back to the community with the idea that kindness inspires kindness.   Read more by clicking the picture.

Thank You!


Of course Lark had Cookie Thursday for our Arborio guys!  They were fixing our bridge.  Read more by clicking the picture.