Meet the Larkies

Suzie Woodward, Owner


Mixed Media, Assemblage Art.    

I knew that opening a shop would change and challenge me...but I didn't know it would take my heart by surprise.  I knew that it would re-order my life and some of my priorities, what I didn't know is that it would re-order my soul.  I thought I would be selling gifts, clothing and jewelry, but truly, every single day I am impacted by the stories and lives of the ones who walk through my door.  Thank you for sharing your lives with me!  I am grateful. 

Jean Wood


Ephemera, Paper Art.  

Way beyond laws calls a dance, roaring by coves high in my mind. I am merely trying to be part of that dance.
(So that is the artistic answer, the truth is I do what I do because it is a good excuse to get out of housework!) 

MaryAnne DeLorenzo


Stained Glass and Jewelry. 

I love the "work" I do with stained glass and jewelry design.  I truly believe that "life is not a dress rehearsal."  We only go this way once and my goal is to make it as fun, happy and pleasurable as possible.  It's a lark!  

Kim Stack


Kim stays busy with her family and the PTO for Chester Elementary.  Organization and process is her gift.  She is a lovely addition to our group!  

Lee Foster

Lee has been in retail for many years.  She has recently found that she enjoys the small shop, family feel of Lark!  

Rachel Carlson


Rachel has worked in retail and is also an AMAZING artist.  She has taken us by surprise with her wonderful ways and hard work!  

Lark Story

Once upon a time, and not so far away, her creativity breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Owner, Suzie Woodward first opened her shop in April of 2014, after feeling frustrated and cramped creatively.  With the help of wonderful friends who also double as staff and the unending support of her husband, Ron, she is grateful every single day for the friends she meets across her counter and the wonderful spirited adventure of Lark!   

Nestled in the heart of the enchanting village of historic Chester, Lark is a charming shop with an ever-changing, wide variety of beautiful gifts, accessories and clothing for her. Unique items gathered in a way that brings a truly exceptional shopping experience. Suzie has “collected” artists, not only because they make beautiful things, but because they have beautiful stories and amazing spirits.   

Whatever you're looking for – We will focus on you - your interests, your style, your budget.   And most importantly, If you're a giver and looking for a unique gift, welcome to Lark in Chester!    ​Shop local.  Shop hand-made. Shop Lark.