Vitamin D can be obtained from “sunlight”.

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In addition, the body can obtain vitamin D from sunlight while doing outdoor activities or exercising. By exposing the skin to sunlight for at least 15-20 minutes every day between 08.00–10.00 and 16.00–17.00

In this period of the COVID-19 epidemic situation. Other types of vitamins in general are also important. Therefore should eat a complete diet of 5 food groups and a variety. Focusing on eating fruits and vegetables. To get essential vitamins and minerals. in enhancing disease resistance along with exercising on a regular basis get enough sleep, Manage stress, stop smoking and abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Along with maintaining measures to prevent COVID-19 strictly It will help keep everyone safe UFABET

The dangers of getting too much vitamin D

If getting too much vitamin D It can affect the body as well. This condition is called toxicity due to excess intake. which is dangerous for growing children And in some cases, severe symptoms may die from the failure of various organs in the body.

The dangers of getting too little vitamin D 

But if the amount is too small or deficiency. will result in rickets in children and cartilage in adults has seizures or tooth decay. Including making it easier to get viral infections in the respiratory tract. And once infected, the body’s mechanisms for clearing the infection in people with sufficient vitamin D are better than people with deficiency.