Vitamin C popular vitamin for people who want to be strong.

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Vitamin C plays a role in the immune system. Helps to strengthen the epithelium which has a duty to protect your health.

The invasion of various foreign substances. Including stimulating the antioxidant system to work normally. The white blood cells which are responsible for destroying pathogens can function normally. 

In general People of working age need about 85 – 100 mg. per day.

Foods with vitamin C

Foods that are sources of vitamin C are fresh vegetables or fruits such as oranges, guava, kiwi, papaya, broccoli. Normally, consuming about 1 fist of fruit at a time 2-4 times a day will get enough vitamin C such as oranges. Two green tangerines provide about 130 milligrams. Or one lemon provides about 83.2 milligrams UFABET

Taking care of your health to be strong with 3 elements are: 

  • food district 
  • A. exercise
  • Teacher Arom 

In accordance with the lifestyle To create a healthy body and mind and do it regularly in conjunction with maintaining hygiene in everyday life. Always wash your hands Opt for freshly cooked food. Avoid eating leftover food. Including the use of a middle spoon when eating together. It will help reduce the risk of infection as well. Which increases the immune system to keep the body healthy in the long run.