Steve Cooper says teams should be optimistic to get points.

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Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper has suggested the team should be optimistic about getting a point in their 1-1 draw with Aston Villa in the Premier League. England on Monday night

         “The Jungle” has lost 5 games in a row before playing in this game. Last week, it was demolished 0-4 by Leicester City, leaving Steve Cooper in a difficult position and could be sacked. Which, although disappointed from the draw with “Leo Ascended”, but still optimistic about having points in this game

         “It is in the right direction. It’s not an ambitious draw at home and not playing too much on the ball. But in this situation I think we have to accept that tonight is a step forward and we should only look at the positive and that is the focus that we should continue to build on,” Cooper said UFABET 

         “The truth is we conceded too many goals and chances, which I didn’t like from possession and duels, as well as keeping second strokes and running with the ball. with all tactics I like team fights and I think we did well tonight.”

         “Is it my favorite way of playing? No, but it was right for tonight and in the end we went onto the pitch and scored the lead. We let them come back to the game. But with all possession of the ball they didn’t create many chances. I think we could have done better on the counter-attack.”