Mundo claims Xavi wants Asensio to join the team.

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Mundo Deportivo The Spanish media reports that. Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is keen on signing Real Madrid attacker Marco Asensio next summer.

         The 26-year-old has only contracted until 2023. And he is expected to not renew after leaving the team and being a substitute for Federico Valverde and Rodrigo Goes. This season he played 7 games, totaling only 80 minutes.

         In the past, there have been reports that many clubs are keen to join the team, especially English clubs such as Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool, as well as Italian club AC Milan UFABET 

         However, the way Mundo Deportivo reveals that the club are interested, with reports claiming that Xavi is very fond of Asensio and it is said that preliminary conditions have been agreed.

         Asensio answered a question to the media when asked about Barcelona’s interest: “I didn’t think about it. I can’t answer right now. So many of me told me about the news that Barca wanted to sign me.”

         “I don’t receive about 200 messages, there are a lot of rumours and a lot of things we don’t know. In 2023 I will sign with any club because my contract has expired.”

For Marco Asensio, he was a rising star when Zinedine Zidane was still in charge of Real Madrid. But in the past he has often been a substitute for the team but this season. Although he has always been a substitute. He was able to score three goals from a hat-trick in the game against Mallorca.