Griezmann happy after joining Atletico Madrid permanently.

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Antoine Griezmann is happy to sign a permanent deal with Atletico Madrid after a controversy with Barcelona before everything went well.

France striker Antoine Griezmann has revealed he is very happy that Atletico Madrid have reached an agreement with Barcelona until he joins Atletico permanently for €20 million. Plus €4m in bonuses before the player signs a contract until 2026, according to Marca on Monday.

‘very happy that’s what i want Staying here, being Atletico again, enjoying this club, my teammates, the stadium, the fans, I finally did everything I could to stay here.’ said Griezmann UFABET

‘When I saw that it was possible to stay here for many years. I talked to the club I didn’t think much about it. no matter how hard you try I want to enjoy myself here in the club I love. And with the trainers I love Efforts are still on because I am very proud to be Atletico.’

Before referring to the boss Diego Simeone, ‘With great respect He’s an Atletico legend, I owe him a lot. I think I will reach the best level. Thank you and the club It was an honor to fight for him. Win the game for him,’ said Griezmann.