Aubameyang clarifies old clip used to insult Arteta for not being able to control Big Name.

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Chelsea striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has explained in a video clip in the past. That he insulted Mikel Arteta that he couldn’t manage the big names. And therefore chose to work with the youngster.

Aubameyang was a key player at Arsenal and spent two years working with Mikel Arteta, helping them win the FA Cup in 2020. But then there were problems. Discipline until being removed from the position of team captain. And was released for free at the beginning of the year moving to Barcelona. Before returning to the Premier League again to play for Chelsea this season UFABET 

But recently, a video that has gone viral has release featuring Aubameyang insulting Arteta for not being able to handle the big names. And prefer to work with younger players.

For this reason Aubameyang had to come out to clarify that. “I know there’s a video that was record after I moved to Barcelona, ​​it was a time when I still felt really bad about myself.”  

“This season, Arsenal are doing really great things. I wish everyone at my old team the best of luck. But hopefully it’s not November 6 (against Chelsea), and for now, I’d like to focus on tomorrow’s game (against AC Milan).”