Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?

  • Yes we do!  And on some occasions we even deliver!  Ask us!  We'd love to help!  Call us at 860.322.4047. 

Do your hours change seasonally?

  • Yes!  We are typically open extended hours during the Summer and the Holiday season.  Call us at 860.322.4047 if you are unsure.  

Can you get clothing in other sizes and colors?

  • It always depends on the company we are working with and the time of year.  We will do our best to help you!  

I saw something on your facebook page or website. How can I find it?

  • Call us!  860.322.4047

Are you looking for new artists in your store?

  • We are always interested in a conversation.  Call us for an appointment. 860.322.4047.

Do you donate for fundraisers, silent auctions, rescues, churches, community events and the like?

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!  We love the opportunity to give back to our community!  Call us.  860.322.4047.